If You're Not Experiencing Push Back, You Are Not Moving Forward!


There are many times in this complex life when we don't know where we are going, or what we are doing. Confused: we are in the midst of massive push back  . . . a law of nature. This is the moment to remember one simple fact: when you're not experiencing push back, you're not growing or advancing. If you are experiencing push back, thank GOD for the opportunity since every action contains an equal reaction -- an equal opposition. On the flip-side, the equation of existence can be profoundly graceful, exquisitely elegant and uncommonly grounding. The way you experience this elegance and grace is through deep gratitude and commitment when in the midst of opposition's push back.

All steps are steps toward your destiny; even mistakes are steps forward. The last thing you want to do whenever you’re moving through  'mistakes or 'hurt feelings', is to feel guilty about it. Guilt will bring you to a complete stop. Simply allow yourself the commitment of gratitude and the opportunity will arise to move through.

Feeling guilty? Release yourself into its embrace. Commit to the commitment. Commit to making all the mistakes that are required in order to succeed, and when you have fully filled yourself with this pain . . . you're done with it . . . it's done with you.

Do a little bit of this releasing every single day: experience the gratitude of being you; the praise of ancestors that brought you to you, waiting for you to fulfill your destiny so they too can be liberated. Seven generations are liberated by your liberation. And it all contains push back, but this push is pure energy . . . use it . . . use it wisely.