If You Knew That My Life Was As Important As Yours In Your Existence, Would You Share With Me?

We are seven billion people on a planet that does not have the capacity to sustain it so what do you do when you don't have the capacity to sustain that model?Get as much as you can for yourself? Or share as much with everybody that you can possibly share with? If you knew that my life was as important as yours in your existence, would you share with me? If you didn't know that information . . . you wouldn't. It's just instinctual. Those of us who practice yoga and meditation, we have an opportunity for awareness that gives us the capacity to see our unique oneness. When I say unique I don't mean it's fragile. I mean it is oneness that is only one . . . that you're serving me, helps you as much as serving yourself. This event is an experiment called life and it was created by an illusion called time. Time produced space, space produced matter . . . matter was the foundation in which life could be infused . . . but time is an illusion. So the whole thing began with an illusion, which means the entire thing to this moment is an illusion, however it is an intelligent illusion. Our collective challenge is to dissolve the illusion back to its center point.