"If You Feel There is Something Missing in Your Life...it is Probably You."

I am commonly asked, “What led you to become a Kundalini Yoga teacher? “ “Why should I take teacher training?” To which I always respond with my life mantra, “If you feel there is something missing in your life… it is probably you.”  For many harrowingly dark years in my life, I felt there was something missing~ a gaping hole I would attempt to fill with anything and everything. It wasn’t until my first experience on my (tear-stained!) Kundalini yoga mat that I realized that missing piece in my life was ME. Kundalini Yoga helped me awaken to my Soul’s call; And I have never stopped listening since.
Teacher Training nurtures and cultivates a relationship with your Self. The teachings and technology guide you inward~ back to the body~where your Soul resides (you know, that quiet and steady voice that’s telling you to consider taking the training?). This transformative nine-month journey allows you to settle into the heart- where life is deliciously baked with love and trust, sprinkled with courage and commitment, and frosted with confidence, compassion, and community. That is what this practice does – it guides you away from the learned chaos of the head, and delivers you back to the loving stillness of the Heart~ where you can reclaim the unique gift of being authentically YOU in this world.  
Come dive into teacher training and wrap your heart around your life…
I’ll meet you there..  
~ Azita Nahai Ramjoti Kaur
graduate of Yoga West's Level 1 Teacher Training with Guru Singh
Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training with Guru Singh begins at Yoga West Los Angeles on Friday, October 11th. This is a Kundalini Yoga immersion course, and an immersion into your true self, whether you would like to teach or not. This is an unforgettable, irreplaceable, transformative experience, and Guru Singh's favorite course to teach.
There is still time to join us. For more information and to register, please contact Adarsh Kaur at 213.435.8257 or adarsh.ywla@gmail.comhttp://yogawestla.com/TT.htm