"If When Meditating - All Your Garbage Does Not Come Out To Greet You - You Are Probably Not Meditating"


Seekers — students of the Infinite, students of yoga, students of life — often complain that when they sit down to meditate, they are not always greeted by the pleasantness of openness, the attitude of readiness, or a heartfelt sense of willingness. The great master Yogi Bhajan said many times, "If when meditating — all your garbage does not come out to greet you — you are probably not meditating." Meditation disassembles old thought patterns and reassembles them into ones that better serve the 'pre—awakened' on the path to becoming 'awakened'. This is not always a dance — much of the time it is a struggle — especially when you run into patterns that have become attachments.

Attachments are common when patterns have been in place for many years . . . and most of every one's patterns have been. They are entrenched in the established system — the subconscious believes they are protecting your life perfectly and does not plan on giving them up that easily.

Do not be concerned; meditation is not about getting it right, it is about getting right to it and doing so daily. It is not about proving who you are . . . it is about improving who you are. It is about becoming aware of the rhythms of your life in relation to the experience of life, and getting these experiences in touch with their deeper meanings . . . in touch with your purpose.

Meditation will definitely be running into garbage here . . . if you are doing it properly. Welcome the garbage and rejoice in the joy of the exposure to the light of day . . . it will ultimately liberate you from the burden