If During Your Life You Are Into The Eternal Then At The End Of Life You Will Naturally Go There


How many have heard of the tree of life. The tree of life is a symbol of what life is only they have put a lot of interpretations into but basically it's just a tree. It drops its leaves every fall season and the fall season is individual according to each of us. When are you going fall? What happens to the color of the leaf when it's about to fall from the tree? What has caused this event of color change to take place? Life force has withdrawn from the leaf and the elements begin to take their toll of the leaf. Photosynthesis begins to stop and all of these things begin to happen. But the fact is, the life force withdraws from the leaf and then the leaf falls. The same thing happens to you when you're ready to pass unless you pass in an accident event but even then the life force is withdrawn. Consciousness has an option at that time. Where do you want to attach? Terror attaches you to the temporal. Surrender attaches you to the eternal. If you continue the metaphor, the temporal is the leaf and the eternal is the tree. Just like the life force in the leaf is withdrawn from the leaf when it falls, the lifeforce still exists. The life force is still alive, it's just alive in the branch of the tree. That life force will lie dormant through the winter season and produce a bud in the spring time and that springtime will emerge a new leaf. This is the tree of life. If you are one of those who has been successfully attaching to the eternal in life, you didn't individuate, you didn't create enemies friends, you created a congregation, a gathering, if during your life, you were into the eternal then at the end of life you will naturally go there. If during life you attach yourself to the individual identity and that is what is most important and essential and you begin to separate and do all of that then at the end of life you attach yourself to the temporal and you fall with the leaf. Where does the leaf fall . . . right around the roots of the tree, but the journey is much further. If you're attaching to the temporal, you're attaching to the leaf of your life then you're falling and you have to dissolve down through the ground to the roots and you have to ultimately come back up through and this is what is known as the elongated cycle of reincarnation. You reincarnate every few hundred years. Could even be thousands of years and you do not advance very quickly. If you attach to the eternal, you go into the tree and out the next season, into the tree and out the next season. So when the moment comes and the leaf is going to fall, dance back into the tree in celebration of life. Perfect your dance.