Authorize Yourself to Reach Your Destiny


Today humanity finds itself sleep-walking through a concept of life . . . not living life itself. In our evolutionary search for pleasure and to protect ourselves from the everyday pains of experience, we have developed this conceptual life that isn't life. Extremism attempts to pierce this numbness, but it is a failed reaction. Ironically, this has become a very painful cul-de-sac (a dead-end of sorts): with food that is not food; medicine that is not medicine; beliefs that are not believable, controlled by feelings that are not our feelings and thoughts that are not our thoughts.

Life has become the media driving our anticipations by comparing someone else's memories to all our present day fantasies . . . a far cry from experiencing the experience of living life. We are actually having a virtual walk through of the showroom life that we are supposed to be experiencing.

We avoid experiencing where we are, because we have developed a belief that it is not what we should be or want to be. Our life, always in comparison, and manipulated by the marketing power of media, stumbles sideways in search of some forward looking consumable. In this comparison-driven dilemma we feel wrong . . . we hate being wrong, so we avoid 'being' altogether. We live a concept of living, and we are in fact avoiding the very starting line of life. Externalized and disconnected from our life, we cannot even begin.

You, as your present identity, arrived with a consciousness - collected, nourished and grown — through thousands of progressive incarnations. Your destination — the true identity of your incarnation — is your journey from where you are (fate), to who you are (destiny). The ancients called it rasayana; a Sanskrit word for the path of pure essence . . . using innocence to locate your inner-sense and arrive at some common sense while experiencing life.

There are only two promises you must bring to this journey: (1) I accept the starting point of where I am . . . and . . . (2) I believe I am authorized to reach my destiny.

Set up a personal daily practice of yoga, conscious breathing while walking, and meditation. Move one small step forward every day and measure your progress after each day, week, month and particularly every forty days. Celebrate your experiences when you succeed and also when you fail.

Remember: failures are very important steps toward your goal . . . the goal of your destiny. Failures pave the roadways to every success. This is the lifestyle of our new evolution . . . it is very much alive for you today.