I am Who I Am, That Is That.


When we are young and aiming our entire lives towards hopes and dreams with all the possible power, there are few thoughts that this will change, or that time passing may have a diminishing affect upon our life. Then, without the consciousness acknowledging it, years pass. And then it poses a question: Are you closer to the aims of your youth, or are you a copy of a copy? An imitation of your intended path? If the answer isn’t “I am who I am, that is that,” then the answer resides in a sea of pain. Conscious or not, numb to it or not, it is still painful in the long run.

The key to remaining powerful and on point is a combination of avid flexibility and daily consistency. Flexibility allows you to take no offense to the constant offense of time. Consistency allows you to successfully navigate through the constant defensive nature of space – for every action there is an equal reaction. You must consistently and flexibly check your course against a “master map” in order for your life to remain connected to your core intention.

Life is never stagnant: you are either moving forward or backward as change is the only constant. One must apply a strong daily directional intent, or your direction will be chosen for you rather than by you.

If you appear to be standing still in doubt, confusion or fear you are still moving – just not in a direction of your choosing. Rather, you are being shifted onto tangents that streak through timespace at somebody else’s pace, toward someone else’s place.

The “shoulds” and “coulds” are great indicators, but timespace requires your active participation with your intentions to achieve accomplishments. Commit fully to participate in the dreams of your choice and do so against all the risks confronting you.

Make this your daily occurrence and retrieve all the dreams you knew in your youth. This is spiritual growth in the new evolution of human consciousness.