I Am, Therefore, I Am


"I am, therefore I am," is a common teaching amongst the greatest masters of enlightened consciousness throughout human history. The root of these teachings of "I am" is found in nearly every language, in some form or another, and it means that the "I" is what "is" . . . the basis in the existence of the "self". That self which is experiencing this experience of existence is the ‘I am’. In order to have such a clear experience, one must be free from the psycho-emotional distortions; to be free from anything that would interfere with such a sensitivity. Interpretations of any experience serve the intellect -- the actual experience of the experience serves the soul. This is the basis of the teachings of "I am" -- one who experiences the experience of the soul. Every language has a word -- or two -- for this "I am". In 'Aramaic', the language spoken two thousand years ago, the word for "I am" was Yahushua; it was Yeshua in Hebrew; iesous in Greek, and 'je suise' in Latin/French, all meaning "I am". This was, and is, a base teaching of great traditions . . . a mantra for meditations to be chanted, or thought of in silence. It’s the basic message of an experience of the soul, the 'I am’ -- the ‘Yahushua’ -- the ‘Yeshua’ -- the ‘Yes’. It’s this "Yes" -- that’s the exclamation of experiencing existence . . . the soul in the body of existence . . . the yes I am . . . the Je Suise . . . the Yeshua . . . the Jesus. To have this profound experience, you must be completely clear in your consciousness . . . you must be clear like crystal. The word crystal comes from the root word krystallia in Greek -- which means ice. Krishna, in ancient Sanskrit, means crystal, or clear like ice. Such is the realization of the “I am clear” -- the ‘Yahushua Krystallia’ -- the ‘Jesus Christ’. A statement of fact spoken from the soul . . . common to all life . . . an expression of pure existence in a physical body. Our prayer is that you experience this clarity today as the new light of the sun is born from its furthest point of the winter solstice; that you look into all these stories with the sacred eyes of inclusion and give the gifts of the “suns” love . . . the "yes I am crystal clear".