I Am One


Perception was, in fact, the first moment of creation. The desire to reflect upon the self, as a mirror longing to belong to its relfection – its self. Longing and belonging are the same, hence no witness existed before this first moment. Life needed to be learned, to be experienced through learned perceptions – life required living. Once the taste of life was earned, the experience became attached to our senses. Liberation is the unlearning of this attachment, as when our senses are ignored we might transcend some parts of time. But, we still fear the death required to pass through the gates of this illution that is guarding the spiritual plane. We spend lifetimes as prisoners of this fear, trial and failure upon trial and error. The concept of life has become designed around these trials, the so called lessons of living, and have become our lifestyle.

The ultimate lesson in life is to know beyond mere knowing that there is no such thing as death. We continue the cycle, we come and go over lifetimes, until this lesson has been mastered. Once mastered fear dissolves into fearlessness and the entire Cosmos becomes our cosy home – there is no space beyond this comfort. When there is no uncomfortable space there is no uncomfortable time – not even the unknown future.

Longing disappears into a perfect partnership, a perfect marriage. Consiousness becomes bonded to the soul rather than the body, without witnesses, withot longing, without perception or separation, deathlessness prevails everywhere. I am one.