Hunger Has Lost its Meaning


"It’s not the life that matters it’s the courage that you bring to it." Yogi Bhajan Being conscious of what feeds us and of what we feed others is a matter of courage. Everything that lifts our spirit takes us to a truth that often does not fit in the inventory that the concepts of life print in our minds, an inventory that we adopt without realizing just how much we miss.

Now we all know that something is missing in our life, if we courageously face the higher values that dwell inside us.  Still, many do not know what is missing. The courage to let the light through and face the truth about how we feed goes way beyond the food in the plate. We know why we are supposed to eat, yet hunger is hardly ever the main reason. Hunger has lost its meaning. The concept of hunger wears a label that creates a resonance . . . pain, fear, poverty. . . so we eat to avoid getting hungry.

Hunger is the beginning of a very important communication between the mind, the body and the spirit. It invites us to a conscious relationship with nature and with food. Hunger is like a friend telling us: ''Thank you for waiting for me, I come only when your body is done processing the last meal and has had some time to rest before starting again.  I come to let you know this.''

Hunger is about relating to motivate.  Everything else that makes us think we are hungry is not hunger. We are hungry for love, yet we make sure that we don't love too much, fearing some pain might follow. Hunger for love is to motivate kindness and compassion. We are hungry for freedom, yet we make sure to keep busy so that we do not face quiet free time. Hunger for freedom motivates closure and creativity.

Be hungry and choose well, feed the hungry and teach others about the courage to engage in such a relationship with everything, and do not worry, there is plenty. Wait for hunger, it is a nice feeling. Wait for this friend who is never late, it is we who are in a hurry. Make it a point to invite your hunger to prepare food with you, the right food and the right amount… so that you keep in touch! 

–Written by Shant Joti.

Shant Joti is a transformational life coach, healer, astrologer and expert in spiritual food and nutrition. If you would like to schedule a life-changing consultation with her, she can be reached at