Humans Becoming Humane


There’s this potential event--unique to humans on Earth--where principles have extreme high value; these values have complete tolerance; this tolerance is equal in all directions, and this potential becomes the most benevolent possible expression of life...humans becoming humane. This is the unique possibility of attaining actual human consciousness. On those planets, much further into the future than Earth, this is the human lifestyle. Your lives, as humans on this Earth, have been distorted through the negligence of your space, over centuries of miscalculated time. Misusing your miraculous capacities, you’ve been relegated to spending your life, earning a living that you already own. Your lives are spent struggling with this.

This distortion has been consuming your power of mind and body for hundreds of years, resulting in disagreements becoming wars, and wars becoming constant...the endless positioning for power. This is completely foreign to human purpose. You’ve earned human life through generations and incarnations of principles, values, and tolerance to be alive as you are. It’s now up to you to reclaim this GOD-like intelligence and experience the power of being comparisons, no competitions...just the joy of expressing the life you’ve earned. As the world tells you that, “you have no right, that you have to earn this” must take a stand. That’s the world of territorial dominance and resource hijacking talking; that’s the world you’ve come to disassemble back to its basic human nature. It’s time to recreate human nature in the image of principles, values, and benevolence...the image of GOD. This will give everyone the time to avoid the eminent disasters, and avoid the primitive distortions of humans as competitors. It's time to assume this leadership of emphatically and magically becoming humane.

Our prayer is that you’re the dawning of this movement; that you move into your body glove and find those principles of value and tolerance that are already you, and then be you...nothing else. This is the life you’ve already earned, and this is more than enough.

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