Humane Awareness


There's an aspect of the human brain-mind correlation -- known to those who master it -- as radical omnipresence. It's the consequence of ancient memorizing . . . the knowledge of where every part of your being has traveled on its journey through matter and incarnations. Born from the infinite void as a soul-body, you’ve incarnated into the countless physical bodies throughout your lifetimes . . . beginning in the mineral form; then plant form, animal form, and now human form. As you connect with this radical omnipresence you're given an ultra-high awareness by your brain-mind correlation . . . awareness of everything at all times. This is the true capacity of human nature . . . to know all the connections, and all the relations, with all that’s around you . . . at all times. What's currently being represented as human nature, the one with all the emotional and physical violence and competition -- this is not human nature at all -- this is just a two-legged creature with a highly developed brain system, and zero to very little brain-mind correlation. This two legged creature, with a developed but isolated brain, is actually the most dangerous life-form on this planet Earth. Without the brain-mind correlation, the thoughts do not expand, do not connect to anything other than self-interest; do not understand consequences, and this is not humane or safe. Without this connection there’s no awareness of any relation other than the immediate bloodline . . . there’s no sympathy; no empathy, and zero compassion for humanity. This is the wilderness that humans, such as yourself, are wandering through at this time in history. The last thing you can afford to do is think or say, “I don’t understand.” Because you do understand . . . deep inside this radical omnipresence gives you the insight and intuition needed to succeed with these dangerous times. Our prayer is that you use your radical omnipresence; embrace the underdeveloped ones without taking offense to them, and in the compassion of your embrace, begin to connect their brain’s relation to the universal mind and its’ higher, more empathic, more humane awareness. This is a key to the future of humans on Earth.