Blessing Your Food


"I have to teach you how to eat. You do not know how to eat;so I have to start alphabetically [from the beginning], all right? Now please, sit calmly and fold your hands. Bring your hands into Prayer Pose and close your eyes and feel that you are going to be blessed. You are going to be blessed. Calm down and empty yourself to receive the gift of God.  If there is no emptiness, nothing will come in."

--By Yogi Bhajan

This reminds me of George Sand, a famous French writer and literary critic. She was also known for her exquisite receptions and her extraordinary hosting qualities as well as the very fine cuisine guests could always count on.

George Sand had a secret that only one of her servant knew. She would disguise herself as a servant and leave her castle for a whole day's walk to reach a small peasant house she had bought. There, she would write. She would walk to farms in the area and bring some nuts and bread and eat with them. That was where her essense of life was most nourrished.

Gratitude and love for the ones with whom you share your meal is the prayer.


Delicious with black beans, rolled up in lettuce leaves.

One big bouquet of coriander

1/2 onion

1 green pepper

The juice of one lime

1 tsp garam massala

2 dates

1 tsp Tamari

2 tbsp pre-soaked almonds

1/2 cup of water

Cut coriander in a few smaller bunches, take seeds out of the pepper and the dates, put everything in a mixer until you get a nice thick purée. Add basil and oregano.

Sat Nam.

Written by Shant Joti. Shant Joti is a transformational life coach, healer, astrologer, expert in spiritual food and nutrition and kundalini yoga. If you would like to schedule a life-changing consultation with her, she can be reached at