How Time Creates Suffering


Two hundred and fifty thousand years ago, a shift took place and we began to disassociate, to disconnect from what we call the collective presence or the collective present. We began to disconnect from now and our brain began to conceptualize time. Your dog and your cat have no concept of time. They don't know you're going to come back. You leave the house, you're gone. You come back, you're back. Human beings are the only ones who can remember the past in a memory and plan for the future in anticipation and it is in those two areas that pain exists. When an animal yelps, it is hurt. It is actually yelping a nanosecond behind the now. It's not a present tone in its voice. When a human being feels pain, a human being feels pain in so many different ways, physical pain, emotional pain, mental pain. It's either a projection or a memorial perception. It isn't present tense, it isn't the collective present. Two hundred and fifty thousand years ago, we separated through verbal communication, in metaphysics we know that the child before it learns to speak, can see the aura. All small children can see auras. Prior to language, the world around us is included in us. It is one. We do not actually know that there is a separation between us and the world around us until we objectify that world through verbal communication; through stringing together sentences that describe things.

With each successive increase in human two-legged intelligence there was a dramatic decrease in our connectivity. The vast technologies of yoga and meditation were all developed by extreme intelligence combined with absolute connectivity. In today's world, people tend to be divided between the two.