How Do You feel?


How many of you have ever been in school before? Raise your hand. What if the first day of school, you found a package at your door. You opened up the package and you found an amorous quantity of textbooks but they were very unique textbooks because the pages weren't in any particular order nor were the pages numbered nor was there a table of context or an index. Nor was there a title. Just book after book containing page after page of really important information but no explanation. Welcome to your life. You get more of a owner's manual with a digital alarm clock than you got with the human body and yet, you're expected to go through your life making correct decisions at opportune times. No wonder we never get past survival modality. Even though we have made survival modality more sophisticated, we no longer have to chop the wood to make the fire or hunt for the berries to bake the pie. Everything is very neatly staked at a variety of locations. We go off to this thing called work but life takes place outside that cycle. Life takes place outside the cycle of work and survival because life is about how do you feel? Not how do you feel about what you've done but how do you feel? Not how do you feel about what you achieved but how do you feel? Not do you feel, how do you feel? It's in one of those books, the how do you feel? How many in here enjoy feeling good? Raise your hand. How many in here thoroughly enjoy feeling miserable? Raise your hand. I didn't expect anyone to raise their hand because you thoroughly enjoy what you're accustomed to because it's familiar and there is nothing wrong with enjoying feeling miserable but there is nothing right with it either. But what if you actually found the remote. Have you ever been unable to find the remote and then look at the front of your television to see if there is anything you can do without it. I mean just give me the basic like turn it on. Then there are those remotes that are supposed to work all your equipment and then they say ok, here's how you program it.