Honoring the Feminine on Friday the 13th


It is time for superstitions about Friday the 13th to be dispelled and for us to know the true value of the astrology and numerology of this day. This is a day to celebrate the cycles of women, and to bring to light the true wisdom of the feminine, not to be scared of bad luck. We are experiencing a Friday the 13th with a Full Moon this June, and this is a potent reminder to honor the feminine energy rising on the planet today and within ourselves.

Friday is astrological the day of the week associated with the planet Venus. Venus is associated with love, money, relationships and beauty and is named after the Roman Goddess of love.

13 is a number associated with the feminine as well. There are 13 lunar cycles in a year, and women's menstrual cycles are linked to the lunar cycles. It is shown that women who's menstrual cycles are the same length as the moon cycle have higher rates of fertility. The number 13 has always been associated with the divine feminine.

The Full Moon is also connected with the time of ovulation in a women's cycle, the time of peak fertility. Light triggers ovulation, and so in pre-industrial cultures that did not have artificial lighting, most women ovulated at the time of the Full Moon and bled at the time of the New Moon.

Through the practice of Lunaception, sleeping under the moonlight, women can regulate their menstrual cycles to ovulate at the Full Moon. Through darkening one's bedroom every night of the month, except the 3 days around the Full Moon letting the moonlight come in, most women will synchronize their ovulation with the light of the Full Moon and increase fertility within a couple moon cycles.

Chicken farmers know this and leave lights on overnight in their henhouses to trigger more ovulation and thus more egg production in their hens.

So this Full Moon on a Friday the 13th is a POWERFUL time to feel the fertile energy of the feminine within each of us and on the planet.

The superstition about Friday the 13th stems from biblical tradition in which the Last Supper was said to be on a Friday and referring to the bad luck of the 13th guest of the dinner party. This superstition is based upon the belief that the 13th guest was Judas, who's betrayal caused the death of Jesus. But was Judas really the 13th member of the dinner party? There were said to be 12 disciples and Judas was one of them.

Perhaps the taboo about the 13th guest that has arisen relates to a secret member of the dinner party - Mary Magdalene. It became forbidden in Christian tradition to speak of the spiritual leadership that Mary Magdalene held because she was a women, and her story and influence was largely erased from the Bible and hidden and encoded within stories, only to be trickled out and revealed today from the discovery of hidden gospels and books. Not to mention the special relationship she held with Jesus and the high esteem and special teachings he honored her with.

Thus, this deep seated superstition that Friday the 13th is bad luck has embedded itself within our culture for millennia, only to reveal that it is a cultural myth scaring us from the teachings of the feminine. This has attached a deep myth within our stories that everything related to the feminine nature is bad luck thus discouraging us from tapping into the true power of fertility and love that the sacred feminine holds within our cycles, bodies and spirits.

Now with this potent Full Moon on Friday the 13th - it is the time to rewrite the cultural mythology of the divine feminine and to honor the creative energy within us for spiritual growth and transformation. It is time to reclaim the sacred feminine leadership on this planet today, to learn the true stories of the powerful women in history and to step into the light with our inherent feminine strength today.

In this light of this Full Moon, on this synchronistic day of love, together we can honor and respect ourselves and each other and come into a higher level of sacred leadership today.

Many Blessings & Happy Full Moon!

Kara Maria Ananda www.KaraMariaAnanda.com