Honor Your Highest Self


The observed and the observer are the same event. The only question that remains is how long will it take humanity to commit to the reality of this universal principle? When will we decide to stand up in our unions and experience the power, the fulfillment and the joy of relationship? Remember: you can stand in a ship but don’t try to stand in a canoe.

We must stop blaming the mirror for the image it creates -- for how we feel what we feel, for how we experience our experience. The image in the mirror is not separate from the object standing in front of it. We are the objects before the mirror of our experience. The motive and the motivation are the same.

Where do you experience you? Believing you can only do that in some places and moments is the pure cruelty of duality, for where can you possibly experience yourself if not everywhere?

Accept the other as yourself and welcome it home to your Heaven on Earth. This introduces your mirroring facility of relationship. When you honor the other, you honor your highest self.