Human evolution developed an appropriate instinct to be civil. Over long periods of time however, this led to an assortment of “being nice” mechanisms. The drawback to these “being nice” mechanisms is that they also developed dishonesty. Being “nice” without being honest became a part of human style. The real art-form in life would be to be “nice” and honest simultaneously . . . but the efficiencies in the evolution of instincts tied these ancient relation protocols together into manners. These manners have been active in human cultures for thousands of years . . . they now appear as mandates. They’ve been used to determine hierarchies and maintain social positioning, and eventually they’ve maintained false ‘pecking-orders’ . . . the order of importance. The true nature of life is that all life is equal; all of equal importance . . . so naturally when hierarchies are enabled, the manners and protocols that follow are social dishonesty . . . differences are false to begin with. This false process dates back to times (in the hunt) when you were competing for positions in the “order” of things to determine survival. Today this dishonesty is unhealthy, not only on the macro (inter-personal) level, but also to your body cells. Every cell, of any physical system, knows when there’s even slight dishonesty anywhere in the system . . . the moment this is detected, cells go into tension and replace ease with dis-ease. This is exactly how a lie-detector machine works . . . it senses tension. Masking this dishonesty -- beyond the point of self-recognition -- has become a learned skill . . . protocols, social positioning and hierarchies are based in it . . . it’s become a human goal. Our prayer is that you realize you were born to break these patterns; honesty comes first, and whatever protocols you maintain in addition to this are way down the list of importance. This is why the masters said that apology and forgiveness are the super-skills of life . . . they’re essential when you’re being “brutally” honest. Our prayer is that you master these skills; that you are always “brutally” honest, and masterfully compassionate at the same time.