Holding on


If you want to hold onto the old rituals that you have, those old milestones, those old markers you have that let you know if this this is the way I am ok, if it’s this way then I am ok – if you hold onto these things, it’s going to be hell. However, if you trust that you are perfectly created for this moment, no screws, no nuts, no bolts were left out, nothing was left out and if you can trust that, try it for 24h and if you don’t like it, give it up. But most likely in the first 24h it won’t feel comfortable. I wrote a letter, I am on the board of certain companies and I wrote a letter and immediately the demons tried to let me know that I had no business writing the letter. I am not saying it came from the outside it came from the inside. Who the hell do you think you are? That comment is inside each and every one of us. I said, “I am that.” Then it got worst so I got better. Then it got worst and then I got better. Logic would say, this is going in the wrong direction. I must be doing something wrong. Yes?

It keeps getting worse, I keep getting better but it keeps getting worse. Wouldn't you imagine that something was wrong? What if you're such a fool, as I believe I am, that as bad as it could get, I am still good. If I consider that I have forever, it's going to give up some time. If I've got forever then the worst I can do is tie because nobody can have, not even the demons inside of us, nothing can have longer than forever. So if you just go with an attitude, I've got forever, the worst you can do is tie and very unlikely that that will happen. So the moment you begin to have this dynamic silence, you will become attached. It will get noisy, be silence within that noise. It will get noisier, get silent within that noise. It will get worse, be better within that. It will get really bad, be really good within that because you don't know how many lifetimes you've been such a jerk. You got a lot of momentum built up in that direction. When I say a jerk I am not talking about somebody like they're mean. I am just talking about somebody who is conflicted by the conflict of existence that has been running around like a chicken without a head, running all over the place worried about that and worried about the other thing and trying to fix it being strategic and being tactical.