Hello Again, Mercury Retrograde!


MERCURY, Teaching us from January 21st to February 11th. Mercury retrograde is a very special Teacher. His workshop is intense and “difficult” for most of us because He puts the spotlight on the way we communicate with our SELF. Mercury gives us a front row seat to the perception of peace, love and harmony.

We all have a script that we have been using to express ourselves that we have refined to fit the best description of who we are… Mercury does not work with scripts. This god of communication is very active and works with the essence of expression. Peace doesn’t need words, it expresses itself through the heart’s language. Love whispers through a touch, a look, a smile.

Mercury retrograde certainly has quite a challenge. He wants us to get to a level of communication that is Truth. He tells you to think twice before expressing what you need to say… refine it… filter it through your heart. He will break down computers, he will do all that is in his power for you to come to observe your reflection, from that front row seat.

Mercury retrograde is some Teacher indeed… honor the lesson and enjoy the practice!

By resident Planet Ashram Astrologer, Shantjoti (jomarechal@hotmail.com for insightful personal readings and life coaching)