Heaven on Earth


We are always in the midst of an evolution. Our every move and thought registers in the evolutionary equation and contributes to the collective human kind. Evolution doesn’t honor weakness; therefore, when we practice weakness without striving to correct it, we set ourselves up for “disposal,” for being rendered meaningless. All the time we spend in this state is non-time. It is life wasted. This isn’t saying to feel bad about mistakes – quite the contrary. Mistakes aren’t weakness, but opportunities created from courage –courage to attempt something new or challenging. Feel great about your mistakes and use the opportunity to courageously make corrections.

Remember: weak orientations do not naturally align. If they did, nature would simply spiral down into non-existence. Humans are the only creature in creation who believes weakness will be lifted to the goal out of pity. No other creature makes this mistake. We are, by nature and by the new evolution, “homo-sapiens” on a journey to becoming “homo-deva.” This is human beings becoming gods on Earth. We are not to become the ONE GOD, but holographic replicas bringing Heaven to Earth.

However, we are not on this route automatically. Until we overcome our lower frequency animal trigger points of betrayal, abandonment and rejection, we are still floundering in the old competitive evolution of animal survival. These triggers have also been in the collective human mind for eons.

They work like this: when events outside the self go faulty, we feel betrayed. When parts of our inner world (body, mind and emotions) go faulty, we feel abandoned.

In these weak emotional states, we trigger our revenge or our victim. In this state of mind, all our external mechanical difficulties and breakdowns invoke a sense of betrayal, while health problems invoke a sense of abandonment – the body abandoning you when you need it.

In order to simulate a sense of being in control we employ rejection – we reject before we are abandoned or betrayed. In this way, we limit our emotional exposure, but also our evolutionary progress, lifetime after lifetime.

This is the very reason why Guru Nanak, Jesus, Mohamed, The Buddha and many other Prophets taught that the highest form of living is to live as if you are already dead. Not to go about as a corpse, but as a spirit having a physical experience. In this way, you face every facet of your world while intuitively understanding each detail.

This is the state of God consciousness, Christ consciousness, Guru’s Grace – so many words describe it. This is the goal of every religion and every spiritual path. This is the human state of homo-deva, invoking the Divine Presence.

To practice this on a daily basis, take time to sit for a few minutes at the beginning of each day and bring yourself to stillness inside and out. Be motionless and silent and allow the messages for your day to unfold. The more you work at this the better you will become.

At first, it may seem like just noise. However, after doing this for several weeks you will begin to experience a sense of levity and authenticity in the messaging.

Join in the joy. Become a partner of the Heaven on Earth team