hear your voice rejoice


The throat, the chamber of sacred and meaningless sounds, sits between your heart and your brain with the tongue in the middle as its agent. There's a constant balance at the base of all life that's always needing to be understood; when you understand balance you are balanced . . . the throat is the mechanism of understanding. What you think and then say; what you think and then hold to yourself; what you respond to; what's in the voice of your silence -- all of this hangs in the balance of your understanding. The human has the most complex vocal anatomy of any creature on earth; on a physical level it includes the heart, the thymus gland, vocal cords, and the fascia that extends from surrounding the heart, then up through the neck and throat into the lower jaw and tongue. This fascia adds to the vocal anatomy by connecting and coordinating all of these mechanisms around the central vocal balance to create your authentic voice. The lower jaw and tongue are a bridge mechanism between the heart center and the brain centers in order to instantly answer the questions that are constantly arising from your coordinated higher awareness. This bridge allows you to perceive your experiences, compare them to new and ancient memories and determine accuracies and inaccuracies. Above all, there needs to be fluidity among all of this . . . a sensation of ease and grace as these micro-moments and decisions pass by . . . otherwise you are voiceless. Our prayer is that you practice the courage to speak from your heart; open your throat to hear your voice rejoice with grace and great meaning among voices that may not, and make a statement that makes a difference. Finally, sing more often than you think about it.