There are no exceptions


Medical plants with their healing properties have evolved over the millennia using micro-steps in protecting themselves from outside invaders. These plants learned that every action has an equal reaction, therefore whenever protective moves were too big or too fast, the reaction to the cure/protection became equally severe. This would cause chaos in the environment and be discarded through evolution. Nature works slowly, but today's human attitudes have demanded synthetic medicines that work way too fast and are far too extreme. They produce chaotic reactions called side effects . . . not nature's way of growth, health and fulfillment. The events we pass through in life are of an equally elaborate sequence of challenging lessons. We are constantly being asked to become our own cure in order to remain healthy and fulfilled through time. Taking a lesson from these plants, it looks like we must use smaller incremental steps to reduce the push back against our cures. Since constructive growth comes from accepting this nature of nature, and we know that there are no exceptions to the cosmic balance of actions producing equal reactions, we must build on these little steps without asking for immediate fulfillment.

The only question that remains is whether this principle can hold our attention long enough to ultimately produce a lasting outcome. Will we forgo our need for instant gratification? Will we work without resistance and frustration to the resistance and frustration that will always naturally occur? Will we initiate growth and movement by allowing all our little steps to add together and become successful?

Remember: Resistance is a thief in nature – it robs vitality. Surrender is a gift in nature – it discovers open pathways even when a thief is present. When we walk along these open pathways we regain our natural vitality and this is nature's way to great health and fulfillment.