Harvesting stories are filled with soul


In the pioneer days in the North American states and Canada, buckwheat was called the “cereal of the poor”. It grew earlier than wheat and tolerated the cold later in the colder season. It controlled weeds, battled bugs, improved the soil quality. It only needed a bit of love…Nature’s rhythms and cycles are always in harmony with our needs. The benefits do not stop at the fields, the health promoting benefits are carried into minerals, essential amino acids and vitamins… which in turn give us energy and enhance our moods as well. Pumpkins use to feed families through the winter, along with other root vegetables and … buckwheat. They are also filled with minerals and amino acids, they are low in calories and can be prepared to serve with main dishes as well as deserts. Buckwheat and pumpkin seem to share a karmic bill… or is it just old stories that left an imprint over a knowledge of plants that resisted ages of evolution… I loved this photograph, so inspiring. The joy children have in choosing a pumpkin… cutting it for decoration or for cooking, eating the best pies with friends and families.

RECIPE: The best and most spectacular way to use pumpkins is to carve a hole on top. That we use as a hat we put back on later, rub the inside with a bit of sea salt and put on a cookie sheet. In a pan, heat up some vegetable broth and coconut milk with your choice of spices, 20 leaves of fresh sage and some pepper is very nice Or ginger garlic and curry Or, add some carrot cubes in the broth, with cumin, cinnamon, bay leaves and add some lemon rind last minute with a few drops of maple syrup. Put the broth back in the pumpkin with its hat back on and cook in the oven for a couple of hours or until tender. Scrape off the meat and serve the whole thing on the table… with a nice warm round loaf of buckwheat bread… smiles guaranteed!

Sat Nam

Written by Shant Joti J, author, Breath the Invisible Power behind Health and Beauty. https://www.facebook.com/BreaththeInvisiblePower?ref=aymt_homepage_panel