Happy New Year!


January 1st 2014 New Moon. This new moon has great power. In what we consider the 12 signs of the zodiac, this moon enters Capricorn, ruled by Saturn who is represented by the snake. Saturn is also Chronos, ''Father Time'' resting deep in our psyche.

Let's for a moment include Ophiucus, the 13th sign, which is the only constellation linked to a real man, Imhotep, known to have brought healing to mankind. If we are to consider Oneness, we have to consider the prophecy of mass awakening. Quetzalcoatl (also associated with Venus)) is the winged serpent who awakens the feminine and masculine and unite them. This new moon would be then in Sagittarius, the healer.

--Yes, it is finished, the lost Eden is finished, the distant Tula turned into ashes, the Garden of Eden and the Garden of Hesperides became cosmic dust. The human being lost his transcendental faculties and converted himself into a beggar, he abandoned ancient wisdom, he degenerated completely; yet now, only the glory of Quetzalcoatl (the Cosmic Christ) in this Universe can radically transform us and convert us into super-humans.

This review is from: Aztec Christic Magic: Gnostic Kabbalah and Tarot in the American Mysteries.

Whether in one sign or the other, one thing is certain, the deep emotional turbulences inside will be challenged by the ever-entertaining outside world… we will need to anchor and make choices in order to stay balanced during this coming year.

The choice.  If you go with the Capricornian energy you will have to  put the past behind through the Father image… the masculine ruler of time which is feminine… The God ''Father'' image ruling religions,  rules and the controlling world we live in, masculine…  everything that is logic as opposed to magic! It is a very demanding process, analyzing this and that… ups and downs… needing to understand in a world of verbal delusion… loads of work!

If you go with the Sagittarian energy, you are the centaure, half-man, half-animal... but also half-human, half-divine…You will go through this year united with your arrows and your intentions leading you , every step, towards your goal. Feel the impact of your hoofs resonating with your heart as they come in contact with the Earth… Ride through it! Give another dimension to the mandala of your life. Elevate! A true heart opening experience…Bring on the magic, use your bow and as many arrows as you need to keep up your intention. Send healing , love and gratitude!

The first month with Venus in retrograde is a time to observe your inner and outer worlds. Make a choice and maintain it through the year because everything is in place to support you… everything is in Order! Everything is One!

In mythology, Saturn invited the centaure to a banquet. The centaure put down his bow and arrow and they went to get a plate of food. When they came back, the centaure sat in his arrow but it had been poisoned, he had to find the antidote before he could send healing arrows again… If you need to, find your antidote, be kind and gentle with yourself and join others who are searching… we all find it together.

Much Love to all . Happy New Year.

Shant Joti, healer, astrologer and life coach. Info: jomarechal@hotmail.com