Happy Birthday Yogi Bhajan !


In April of 1969, just 4 months after Yogi Bhajan began teaching in the West - he said to us: "One thing, I have to give you a message, my personal message: read little, and practice more.  This is a new year.  A new year of the sacred land and, well,  if you hear me positively,  then this message of mine will get carved into your heart.  Read . . . I don't mind . . . you can go on reading as much as you like, but whatever you read, please practice.  'Keerat karay, khaan nahee khaa"i"ay' . . .  There's no use talking and talking as long as you are not being practical with this information that you are talking . . . and the difference between the two levels of talking and practicing is sometimes great.  Try to reduce this difference as far as possible."