Happy Birthday Guru Singh!


I just finished my book a couple of weeks ago. Writing has been part of my life since many years. At the end of 2011, I got back in touch with Guru Singh whom had met through David, my husband, a childhood friend of his. When David died, Guru Singh came to mind very often, I started to read his daily blog. His texts were like fresh air. I had to smile and stay still after I was done reading to let the sound of the message echo in my life. It was very powerful and when I meet with forces that empower people, I share. I called him up. Christmas was at the door and he was buried in snow somewhere in the mountains. I mentioned that he should be translated in other languages so more people could have access to his teachings. ”How long have you been reading the blogs” he asked. ”One year almost to the day” I answered, surprised that I had not thought of that before it came out in words. “Well then start translating in French now.” After I hung up, I picked up a blog and started translating. He called me back on Chrismas morning “It is on line! Good job!”

But this was not about translating words. . . It was not about translating MY understanding of the message . . . This was something else. It was about tapping into the freedom that lets the message sail through the heart of the readers whatever wind might be blowing in their lives. It was about the original offering, Guru Singh’s offering. I went deeper into meditation as I continued, every morning, and this became part of me. It is as if you ate a great juicy fresh strawberry every morning, it is not a lot… it is not coffee… but it just might become your first choice!!! I went on to train in Kundalini at Yoga West and two particular lessons changed my life. The first one is about Guru Singh’s teaching of THE ONE ROOM CLASSROOM. http://www.gurusingh.com/classrooms/

This made life simple. All habits of mind turning to judgments started to melt away and a compassionate understanding of people’s ways set in. I now visualize the world as one big classroom. There are sand boxes in it, recreation courts, people extremely busy and people in a hurry. There are preschool classes, university classes, art classes and people sitting quiet and still in magically peaceful surroundings. We are either playing in sand boxes with toys, or we are students and teachers of life, lovers and peacemakers But we all go through all stages and we can see ourselves in anyone. “But you can’t teach preschoolers university stuff!” Guru Singh said. The activist in me that was often sad and out of breath cooled off. I caught my breath . . . Then Guru Singh went on teaching me about addiction to sympathy! We keep on finding wrong things around us, blaming this and that… just so that in being such victims we attract ourselves the sympathy that temporarily feeds the attention we need from others… thinking that we are heard… then joining in with the loudest kid in the class as if noise was a powerful tool! … Sympathy, wow… and I was offering it as much as I needed it!!! ... once done with that, I could finally understand compassion. So many beautiful lessons learned by meditating on a short text every morning even for just a few minutes. http://www.gurusingh.com/blog/

I wrote my book for everyone, every age and every walks of life. This 40 day coaching is my offering . . . a little baby born out of a great habit I acquired through Guru Singh’s generosity and kindness that fed the student in me and enhanced the teacher! I hope to enhance some lives and lift some hearts. As Guru Singh writes: “What joy exists within a world of balance! What profoundness is able to gather with a sense of growth around this far more mature and conscious response ability! What clear pathways point toward your success where challenges and obstacles once dominated."



Shant Joti J Marechal