Happiness Is Always an Option


Happiness happens whenever thoughts are assembled clearly, transparently and simply. Even amongst complexities there is clarity to be found. Know this, and always search for it. Knowing this serves as a guarantee. This simplicity and the appreciation of such is what leads to happiness. As the song goes: “happiness runs in a circular motion.”

Success is the result of many failures, and as such there are no previous requirements for the success of happiness. No pre-conditions or suppositions. It can arise at any moment, from any moment. It is up to you to assemble better moments from each failure. Fill them with appreciation, clarity, transparency and simplicity. From this undistorted point of appreciation you anticipate the next moment.

This can only be achieved through consistent discipline. It will require attempting, practicing and mirroring an imagination of it working.

Happiness is not desired or acquired, it can only be allowed. It isn’t stiff, but rather as flexible as water. It is resilient, for if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.