In the process of life's progress, as the map shifts with the shifting times -- the emotional body of the developing teenage child, is mutable and moldable to prepare for the remainder of life as an adult. This final stage of a child's development -- from twelve years to eighteen years old -- is a six year period of the compelte unknown. This is the time of imagination and quest . . . a vulnerable and highly absorbant time. The imagination is peaking and the emotional body lacks stability for the important reason of discovering the child's unique purpose. The emotional insecurity and vulnerability of these moments have a very specific trajectory, its unresolved sensations cause an accelerated search for an identity to define completion, and a role model to be compelling and authentic. The peer group becomes extremely important as the unknown seeks known company . . . security in mumbers . . . the "you too" moment of recognition. Preparing for the remainder of life, the imagination runs rampant as the teen searches for its true identity. Brand-marketing and sales prey on this time period and its inherent vulnerability like a plague of false solutions. It tries to interrupt the deep discomfort of emotions by selling comfort through conformity. Branding and image are thrust onto the vulnerable as the savior -- this distorts the inner imagination with an outward dependency that can last the whole lifetime. Yogi Bhajan said that this is the best time for lots of caring animals and the hands in the earth daily . . . a farm setting is a great prescription in this modern world. The ancient communities of consciousness would send their young out onto a vision quest, an 'outward-inward' journey to meet the 'infinite stranger' that lives deep in everyone's Spirit . . . a worthy guide, and an honest role model. Our prayer is that you're one of these worthy guides to this time; that you understand the dilemmas, yet don't try to completely solve them; that you offer gentle guidance without any prepackaged solutions . . . allow the young seekers to discover their own solutions . . . the ones right there . . . the unique ones hidden in front of their own plain sight.