guarantees & gambles


Imagine how long it took to harness the wind; to discover cotton; to learn how it could be spun into thread; to then invent weaving all the threads together, and finally producing the cloth of a sail. Tens of thousands of years were spent discovering each micro-step along the way. Discovery comes with conscious intent and also without a trace of consciousness . . . just an unconscious stumbling through time. Masterfully guiding any idea toward a final result is a laser pointer combined with the roll of the dice . . . guarantees and gambles. The process wanders thoughtlessly and, at times, quite thoughtfully along parallel paths, or intersecting confusions toward its final success. Our prayer is that you value each crazy idea you come up with no matter how absurd in may seem. It could just possible be a micro-step in the discovery of our next mode of motion . . . sailing on the winds of gravity throughout and beyond this universe.