Growth Will Never Be Comfortable


What you believe you are not strong enough to handle is only the illusion of your own inaction. Make each uncomfortable corner that arises in this process as your home — not a threat — and learn through this experience to dwell in the collective home of every single moment as a guest — not wandering the world searching as a ghost. Avoid the discomfort and shock of your own impermanence by identifying with the permanence of these strengths that have been gathering around life and your life forever. Learn to evolve through the process of evolution, not the access to great variety and exciting escapes. You actually know by now that all escapes are futile.

It is the complete lack of any escape plan (being trapped in a corner) that creates the creative strengths for dealing with any single moment until that moment is successfully fulfilled. Having access to run through the outside world at will, is an attempt at postponing your growth until it is "comfortable." Well — it will never become comfortable. The laws of 'cause and effect' (karma) will insure this.

You are here to grow, and the external comforts have never been evolution's growing fields. True comfort arrives when you have passed all tests of discomfort and are able to be completely comfortable anywhere-anytime. You only believe you are not strong enough to achieve this because you have never allowed yourself to sit in this corner long enough for the proof of your phenomenal ability to arrive . . . you actually can do this.