Growth into the Unknown


All storms, of any nature, are the seeds of change -- they invoke the disruptive energies, in order to give birth to new constructive energies, and ultimately lead to the sustaining energies of 'prana' (life-force). Intersecting storms -- the discrepancies between beings of all sorts -- are the seeds of immense phenomena (events of 'never before') and other re.evolutionary transformations. Psycho-emotional storms are often the initiation of future blessings being birthed . . . the arduous labors of sacred deliveries. In the face of all such storms, one will often seek the safety of the calm, but in these moments, safety is actually a dangerous place to live. It's a false measurement in an emotional illusion. All sensations of safety are measures of the avoidance of death, but since death is guaranteed, what's the point in the measurement. What you're more wise in searching for is the pathway through death into the infinite deathlessness . . . the space that courage instills in you . . . that space filled with the sensations of being full . . . of being fulfilled. What's currently thought of as safety is really hiding from any influence other than that which is predictable. Predictable feels safe because it's familiar, but the actual core of life denies familiarity. Life's an adventure into the unfamiliar . . . if you want to grow, your priority cannot be to feel safe. Our prayer is that you find that sense of life in the moments of your growth into the unknown . . . into the place without false safety; that you develop a relationship with the storms and find shelter in the fact that you're highly skilled in the science and the art of navigation, and that you're very slow to judge and extremely quick to forgive . . . able to fit into yourself whenever the storming seeds of change offer you no where else to be.