grow beyond your expectations


An effective way to express your love of life and grow beyond your expectations, is to dedicate yourself to becoming even greater than that which you respect and admire. This is known in yoga as the path of bhakti . . . it's effectiveness is stellar. It literally bypasses your fear of the unknown, of things new, and causes you to grow where you would have been afraid to even go. This is because when you worship greatness in someone else, you feel uniquely safe in their shadow, in this unknown space, for they are the measure that it can be done. You will even end up wandering into spaces beyond their achievements as you project that they must be able to do this too. On the other hand, if you determine that you can never be as great as they are or were, then their greatness has little value other than being an icon of worship. Our prayer is that you discover the safety of loving someone, or something that is an inspiration to you, then use this inspiration and admiration as a guide to grow even beyond your limits and their example of greatness.