Ground Your Body With Your Brain


Breathing is an essential component of living . . . by focusing your awareness on it, you ground your body with your brain and then with your environment. This is the simplest of the 'mindfulness meditation' forms. It may seem simple, but it is very potent. Mindfulness increases the brain's connection to each present moment by causing the production of electrochemical charges. These connect the sensory system, to the nervous system, to the glands and organs, back to the nervous system and onto the brain — producing sensations, thoughts, calculations, and then attitudes of calm. By comparison, life under stress is a jumble of chaotic stimulation leading to reactive thoughts. When we are not mindful, the brain delivers these random options as noise. This noise constructs insistent, convincing brain waves that give no relief, that give no calm or peace, but become our interpretations of reality.

Learn to make this meditation a primary response to pressure and stress. Learn to become masterful in the spiritual realm and your physical world. This is the power that is required going forward . . . mastery of all realms. Our planet needs this; our planet needs you.