Grisht Ashram


As time is measured in the western world, it is 2010 from 2010 years ago. I questioned that and was reminded that there is but one God, and because of that fact that there is nothing else existing except oneness. Therefore, I should get over my questioning and figure out meaning. 2010 equals three, three is half of eight. Eight is infinity stood  on end, three chops it in half and gives you just half of each. Half devil, half divine. You take an eight and you chop it in half, you get two threes, mirror images of each other.

Half devil, half divine. Advantage in the disadvantage, 2020, 2001, both years of three. Grisht ashram, the advantage in the disadvantage, the life of practical enlightenment. No esoteric, mystical, off in the wilderness enlightenment but enlightenment that can be applied day to day.

2010 has all of the conditions of common physics, for every action there is a reaction equal and opposite. In 2010 we will be more so inclined, if we're so inclined to find the third position, to find the angle of advantage in the disadvantage. So we're going to start off this new year, which is only a new year if you relate to that. So we start off the new year with what is needed in every new situation and any situation is new.

No situation isn't. It's never been now before, it will never be now again, there has never been a you, there will never be another you so if you're not you then you never existed and if you don't live now, now never existed. It's just that simple. You got an opportunity with each breath, take it or leave it.