Grieve without Reservation


When you welcome a newborn into this world, and the child’s consciousness detaches from the etheric realm to fully focus on the physical body in the process of birthing, there's great celebration all around the new member of the family. At this very same moment, there's also been a death in the etheric realm, and great mourning is taking place on that level of Spirit while the three dimensional celebration fills the Earthly space with joy. Likewise, when a person passes from this world, when they transfer back through to those etheric dimensions -- in the midst of the grieving here on Earth, there's great celebration amongst the angels . . . welcoming the return of a member of the 'eternal family' from their “time” within “time” here on Earth. This 'eternal family' is your tribe; it’s filed with so many of your friends, your relatives, children, lovers, some enemies, and of course the angels who cycle back and forth even more rapidly as your pets. Death is something that’s completely misunderstood by most modern cultures, and completely understood by the traditional indigenous ones. There’s a poem that goes: “Everything’s dying to be reborn; infant day is the early morn; brightly moving through the day to end; into the night where it’s born again.” Everything is dying to be reborn into another form . . . it’s the wisdom of knowing these various forms that allows for celebration to accompany the mourning. The process of mourning is an honest and authentic process -- it’s the very real severing and releasing of physical connections and attachments so that Spirit connections can replace them . . . without this grieving in four dimensions, the other dimensions remain unnoticed. Our prayer is that when it’s time to grieve, you enthusiastically grieve without reservation; release the familiarity and welcome the unknown; be ready for a rush of joy that arrives with Spirit, for this is the omniscient and omnipresent nature of all rebirthing . . . it’s the realm of angels.