grateful for guidance


The Buddha would say, "Discomfort is my friend, for when I sit with it long enough, it will naturally turn into joy." In fact, sitting with any emotion, or sensation, is a skill of mindfulness, it drills down through the noise of any moment to get to the base of the moment . . . at the base of all emotions -- sensations of any moment -- is joy. All sensations are built upon this foundation of joy . . . this is the way the emotional body works. Every emotion is a direction, in the moment, on the map of your life; it can either be a direction that guides you, to move forward or back, or it's a pain that relentlessly chases you forward or backward. All of this activity -- when dissolved to the base -- becomes the base itself which is joy. The most effective response to the guidance of these directives or pain is gratitude -- an emotional opening to all solutions. Like a guardian, an ally, or an angel on your shoulder -- gratitude watches over you in so many ways. It helps you to remain conscious to the smallest indicators in order to avoid needing the challenge of far larger and more disruptive ones. The universe is always an event of balance, when it seems to be out of balance, look for gratitude to direct you toward the whole picture, the larger view. Then also, whenever you face a very large challenge, take it on with gratitude, but do it in smaller pieces -- they will eventually guide you back to the natural balance. Our prayer is that you discover the discomforts and pain, disruptions and confusion you experience, are simply 'instruments' on the 'dashboard' of your life, guiding you with their subtle and sometimes not very subtle indications toward the center, the understanding, the balance, the equilibrium and the joy of your life. Know this and be grateful for the guidance -- whatever form it takes -- and get back to joy ASAP . . . it's there waiting.