Grace Of The Lotus


Remember resistance is there for a good reason. Resistance is your blessing. What do we do to get stronger? Resistance training. When we reach our excellence we will run into our own resistance because our excellence will have no value without resistance to give it strength. We will feel empty and fraudulent. So the closer we get to our exaltation, the more we run into our elements of resistance. It will approach us in our most demonic fashion; it will scare us at our most critical intervals. Its job is to keep us from growing until our growth is guaranteed! This is an amazing gift because if we do not grow through resistance, we are empty and shallow.  The path through mud is just getting through the mud. It's just slogging through the process. You know what we do? We don't like the feeling of slogging through the process so we “get busy.” We get busy with life, but the problem with that is that we are setting aside our growth. Now there is not an inherent problem with getting busy with life as long as we have a period of every day that we dedicate to the getting through the mud. Let the pressure build our strength and soon enough we will be the lotus on top of the mud. Just don’t avoid getting dirty first!