Part Seven: The anatomical energies circulate throughout your body, playing an essential role in guiding and forming your life. This guidance runs far beyond your obvious physical nature . . . it's the big picture -- the holistic picture. These additional functions are critical to your human consciousness evolving into truly humane awareness. At the very top of your spine, where it inserts into the skull, there's the most primitive part of your brain . . . the earliest animal region of the brain in existence. This has many names . . . one name is the 'reticular formation'. This section of your brain includes the medula and the pons; it plays the role of gatekeeper to your higher awareness. Filled with all of your instinctual survival triggers, this region of your brain keeps life operating under the most base emotions; reacting to the world in simplistic two dimensional terms. Under these terms, life is either good or bad, right or wrong, safe or dangerous. In the modern world, these two dimensional restrictions are cleverly hidden behind all the countless distractions and intricate complications of modern sophistication, but they're still there in full force . . . controlling every mood and moment. To actually reach beyond these controls; to have a more conscious experience of what's happening in life, you must first allow this reticular formation to play out its story . . . if you don't, it will hide behind "masks" with its countless distractions. Once you've allowed this reaction to show its version of what you're facing, embrace it as you would a frightened child, and within the authentic force of the embrace, consciously guide its inner conversation toward higher awareness . . . toward understanding . . . toward grace and courage. You've passed through the "gatekeeper." Singing and chanting is a great tool for this move . . . it sooths the frightened child of your instincts and allows you to go forward. Our prayer is that you master these moves of grace; that you live your life -- not in the base emotions of survival -- but in a higher awareness of ease, joy, knowing and liberation . . . it's your birthright . . . live your destiny . . . sing your song.