Whenever the mountain of your goals sits amongst the storms and firestorms of your life, and this then also spins and reels within a turbulent ocean of the world, disrupting everything around you . . . it's here you must realize . . . at the core of this mountain before you, the solidity of the rock is forming into your goals. Relate to this solidity, get into the depth of heartfelt meditations, and you will firmly establish the following: the storm is just a storm; the turbulent ocean is just a turbulent ocean; your plan -- your goals -- your dreams -- remain your plan, and your goals, and your dreams. A solid attitude, in the midst of all this, must be connected to your goals with an awareness of all the turbulence; of all the storms; of all the challenges . . . still you're sitting solid and centered with your goals. You get to say what, and the infinite nature of the Universe will dictate how. Understand the lawless nature of infinity . . . everything arises from this . . . infinity can't be measured or limited. At this formative time in middle of your chaordic moment (there is always order within chaos) -- in the midst of all the storms -- rely on your infinity and solidity, in the form of practical intuition, to light the way forward. Your intuition won't speak to you in the language of your birth. Intuition speaks in the language of its choice . . . usually the language of subtle symbols and signals. Look behind the obvious stormy actuality -- don't interpret, or believe in the storm itself -- just discover the angles, symbols and signals sitting quietly amongst the chaos. They will explain themselves . . . right there, next to where your desired goals are waiting.

Our prayer is that you listen to these stormy days; that you are confident in your destined outcomes; that your confidence takes you up the mountain of your goals to the core of your solid meditations, and here you relax in order to receive the calm of your fulfillment.

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