Giving Yourself Your Freedom


Imagine for a moment, within the boundaries of your life, something outside the boundaries of your imagination. You’re not imagining even close to your known ‘self’ . . . this image has never existed before . . . be willing to never exist again in this imagined form -- in this particular way. You’re only existing in it within the imagined opportunities of this moment. Within this attitude, no others can completely embrace or appreciate you at first -- they'll criticize you, because they don’t recognize you. You’re still imagining, and within this image you’re immune to the criticism -- not that you brush it off -- but you’re actually, completely beyond it. An autoimmune system that’s this strong indicates an extremely high self-value . . . it means your biological system values this version of you so much, it’s willing to protect it at all cost . . you need no sympathy. This self, that you’re imagining, is actually the closest you can possibly fathom to who you actually are . . . who you (in some lifetime) will actually become. So, you’ve got to ask yourself the obvious, “Why not now . . . when is now going to be the right time?” Realize something . . . this “now” can only exist if you lose your mind, if you release the preconceptions and allow the Universal mind to create your existence . . . the fullest extent of your existence. When you give yourself this gift -- this gift that you’re imagining -- you’ve giving yourself your freedom . . . your birthright. This 'IS' your life -- fully experienced between the two extreme positions of pure gravitational logic, and pure levitation magic -- a life like the Buddha, Krishna and Jesus lived . . . a life of you being the highest you. Our prayer is that you give yourself the right to imagine this unimaginable opportunity; step into it as if it’s meant to be; walk in these footsteps and experience the freedom as well as the fear . . . and when you fall down -- because it’s so unfamiliar -- pick yourself back up; think nothing of the fall, and keep walking.