Give Yourself Boundless Freedom


When Dr. J. C. Bose, living in India in the 19th & 20th centuries, studied the life force (prana) of nature -- he discovered a brain, heart and nervous system in plants; the rejuvenative abilities of metals, and the electro-magnetics of crystals under pressure. He worked extensively with the electricity in crystals, and in doing so invented the very earliest radio. He discovered that when you put pressure on crystals it produces a piezo-electric charge and immediately forms an interwoven magnetic field. He began measuring this with his instrumnents and found that all elements were functioning as living bodies . . . animals, plants and minerals. This was also the first scientific proof of the aura, and it was not limited to humans or even animals. He worked beyond the edge of every accepted scientific belief system, here he found a rich, fertile realm for developing seeds of hope and thoughts of tremendous inspiration. He discovered that when he was surrounded by charged electromagnetic fields (auras) -- inspired thoughts occured far more often. When he treated plants with positive thought; when he allowed metals in his instruments to have periods of rest; when he relaxed with family and friends -- these were the moments that were most productive -- most boundless -- secrets most discoverable. For the first time, science was proving what yogis had known for thousands of years . . . it was no longer "wu-wu" . . . it was measurable. This work proved that respect, love, understanding and compassion are amongst the attitudes that measurably nourish life. Our prayer is that you allow yourself to have time each and every day to wander out beyond the realms of common human belief; allow your thoughts to freely travel where no thought of yours has ever gone before; surround yourself by respecting and admiring everything around you for what it is . . . set up a field of highly charged electro-magnetics and live and play at its center. At first you will be like the a swimmer and stay close to the edge of the "pool," but this will change as you become more skilled . . . let it happen . . . give yourself boundless freedom in your ocean of life.