Giometry and Biometry


So what you have to do instead of blaming others for your misinterpretation of stress, tension, pressure and friction is you have to start aligning the angles of efficiency within your body so that you don't feel the imbalance, the dislocation of those interpretations of gravity. How do you align your body? Geometrically, biometrically - geo meaning earth so I guess it would be more appropriate to say biometrically. You would align your body biometrically. What does acupuncture do? Acupunctures brings in the pranic forces where you're biometrically out of balance. What is homeopathy do? Like attracts like, and so you remove a substance with it's echo remaining and it attracts itself. Genotherapy. . . working with the buds of trees and plants, literally working with stem cells of botany, herbs.

Every herb has a story and every story can either counter a story that you have or enhance a story that you have. Maybe a piece of your story need countering so you would take that herb or counter that story that will edit it within you. Or maybe you have a story that really needs improving upon and so you will take some part of nature that has more of that story.