Getting Out of the Middle of the Pack


There are four channel-lenses through which we experience the world: Feeling, Perception, Pace and Place. Of there, Perception and Pace are the two that have the most to say about out quality of life. Perception (head) defines the flavor of life and Pace (heart) the demeanor. When the rate of your life is coordinated between Pace and Perception, your balance becomes that of excellence; your connection to everyone and everything supports your highest caliber. Using a super-long counter-balance pole of moderation allows you to walk on this high-wire caliber of life’s supreme excellence without falling off the stage of your existence. To do this, slow down. Create a “practice” that synchronizes your brain and hear rates – allow for accuracy to persist in your vast manifestations, countered by a strong commitment to resist the equally vast temptations.

The stratospheric high-wire is the maximization of your dreams – it is not for everyone. Look at the heroes through history, so many leave before it seems they should. This is why the high-wire is attempted by so few – life lived by most is from the middle of the pack.

If you want to go out into that stratosphere you will have to arrange your personal affairs with great equilibrium, poise, stability and steadiness to accommodate the constant confrontation that will join you at those heights.

Provide this world with an enormous song and phenomenal dance before you fly into the Sun.