Getting in Touch With the Music of Your Life


Everyone carries information forward, moment upon moment. After years and years of carrying this forward, the information turns into memories and the memories that do not contribute to the healthy-living, positive-feeling, bright-progressing atmosphere of daily life will stagnate. They actually become toxic when they stagnate. All of the doctors in this world in every field: physical - emotional - mental doctors, are trying their best to cure this stagnation . . . but there is little progress in such efforts without a deeper knowledge of the root causes. The stress-load caused by this stagnation is building up within every culture all over the world.

There is currently more stress disorders around our planet than ever before in history; more cancer, more diabetes, and more heart ailments, more everything disruptive because we are carrying so much stagnation. When you release some of your stagnation you produce an alive moment. You produce momentum where the stagnation once was.

Here are a couple of the ways we can reduce our stress-load and our stagnation.

In the infinite universe, which is a "very big place," there are forces of which we are not yet aware. We will get to those in later blogs, but let's make ourselves more aware of the affects of two of the five forces we are familiar with and use them . . . the electricity in our bodies . . . the magnetism all around us.

We can create a piezo-electric charge with the angles and qualities created with just our voice. When we are conscious of the words we use with all three of our voices: our singing/chanting, speaking and thinking voices, these words, through their angles and qualities, are using this piezo-electro-magnetic field to the highest degree possible. The result is calmness and flow where stress and stagnation once occupied.

Sing a lot, sing love songs to your reflection. In the morning, walk up to the mirror and sing-out: ''I'm still here--oh, isn't that lovely!!!'' . . . and in that moment of abstract joy, you will be creating a relationship between you in the thought-time and YOU in the real-time. You then become far more aware of your physical, emotional and mental bodies throughout the rest of the day. This awareness releases stagnation moment to moment and thereby reduces the stress-load.

Be aware of your breathing also. Be aware of your moving as well, and move like you dance . . . or at least move like you wish you could dance. (;--)))

By getting in touch with all the various forms of music in your life, you can help rid yourself of the stagnation and stress and the disorders that they cause.