Get A Sense


You are composed of so many elements and you can begin to see them all as you connect more completely with yourself. “This is all me.” Then you begin to hold counsel with all those aspects of the self. They don't always listen to you in the beginning. They don't actually believe that you're serious at first. They can talk amongst themselves and spread rumors about you. You would too, if you were ignored for several thousand years. You haven't been paying attention to all the aspects of yourself. Be quiet. Listen. Get a sense. Go into that deep space. You will say, “I don't want to change so much so fast. I just want to change one thing.” Then you change that one thing. Move it from point A to point B and sit and see what the effects are. You have time. You don't need to move too quickly, you need to move just right. When you're making these small changes to support your dream, when you're making these small changes to get in touch with your expectations, it will communicate back to you when it begins to trust you.