Generating Truth From Within


Seven hundred and fifty thousand years ago, a million years after the fire keeper was worshiped, someone noticed that when a certain kind of rock would break off the hillside and crash down over itself, particularly at night, light would occur and sparks would appear. This was probably studied for two hundred and fifty thousand years before something occurred and it occurred simultaneously with the advent of language. Not communicative language but what is called indicative language, single words. The kind of language that a small child, before they've learned to string words together, uses. As the indicative language was beginning to erupt out of the vocal cords of the twolegged, the religion of the fire keeper was in parallel. Just like the religion of today where God is outside yourself is in parallel. What was coming along was known as the fire maker, one who could make fire because the task of a fire keeper was arduous, you could never allow a fire to go out because you didn't know when you would find another burn and so that fire keeper was locked into his or her function in order to maintain the importance in the community but also in order to maintain the fire in the community and fire was God. Fire was thought of as a piece of the sun right here on earth. Seven hundred fifty years ago, the indicative language and the fire maker were born and a new prophet came on the scene. Some held to the avatar to the prophet of the fire keepers but as generations replaced generations, the fire makers became the way of the new religion.