generate angelic balance


Ninety-five percent of the known universe is the unknown, invisible sub-substance called dark matter and energy. It’s what is surrounding all universes, galaxies, stars, this solar system, and your body . . . keeping them together and operating. No one has ever been able to observe it; it's regarded as exotic; it's moving in extra dimensions; a quantum version of equilibrium . . . all of this is true. But tens of thousands of years ago, mystics, seers and yogis knew in their meditations, this invisible sub-substance is actually the recycled, re-material-ed invisibility that emerges from the black-holes (of recycling) through the white-holes (of re-entry). It's the reconstituted sub-sub-atomic substance -- the raw materials for building atomic structures. In other words, they said in their language: black-holes are the force of Shiva, the destroyer (tearing everything down to nothing -- to dark matter) and the white-holes are the force of Brahma, the creator (producing all things brand new from nothing -- using dark energy). The visible world is the force of Vishnu, the sustainer, maintaining the mechanisms of matter. Think about the magnificent balance that exists at this invisible level of nature. Remember this when you experience the significant imbalance that exists around human nature. It’s the conscious awareness and a visceral relationship with these deep realities of universal nature that allow you to anchor in them, balance on them, ride with them, and use them to navigate the turbulent waves of the human imbalance. Those ancients referred to this invisible dark-matter and dark-energy as angelic forces . . . it is there to serve you when you relate to it. Our prayer is that you take advantage of this invisible advantage . . . have a deep connection to that which is right there, yet not measurable . . . generate the faith and trust that it takes to connect, command and use this invisible force more fully to generate angelic balance in your life.