Gain Traction


You do not share management of your heart beat. You do not share management of your metabolic rate. No bodily function has the shared management that breathing does. So when you sit and observe your breathing and you share the impulse “to breathe” -- whether you're aware of it or not, you begin to get in touch with the subtly of “traction.” Traction is the way in which you and the subconscious world connect. Just like the way your car tires connect to the road. When you become awakened to that traction and you allow that awakening to strengthen, eventually it becomes so strong that you begin to co-manage the direction of the subconscious. When you co-manage the direction of the subconscious, you are co-managing the convergence between your subconsciously held expectations and your consciously held desires. Simply by breathing consciously, these two pathways come closer and closer together until they are a single path.