Full Moon in Gemini and Food for the Winter Solstice


FULL MOON IN GEMINI Today, December 17th, the moon is in all her glory in Gemini. She offers us double everything! Tuning the skies for a start of the new season with Venus retrograde, these two will create opportunities for us to work on our perfect balance. Venus will present us with ethics that are not up to her usual standards, and keep at it until the end of January.  We will have to take time and check out our reflection which might come right in our face as exagerated and distorted events.  Remember Guru Singh saying: ''What happens to you happens through you''? Be even more kind and gentle with yourself because Mercury will emphasize the shadows on the wall, attempting to attract your attention on small matters of no importance. Ride the big wave and forget the ripples.

New revelations will continue to inform the masses as well as each one of us and help set the course . . . so listen carefully and speak softly.  Stay inside, stay centered, Keep up your Sadhana and rise up at the break of day.


We should be well anchored in a time when balance is everything. Roots are on their own now, holding onto life from deep below.  Eating roots is a good energy to accompany this passage. Settle down, meditate. Transformation is beginning even though you do not see or feel it. The leaves have returned to the roots, they are in storage. They will become the very food that will create the opportunities for more leaves to grow again.

I recommend a bowl of rice and lentils with roots, rhizomes, bulbs, tuberous… underground energy food: ginger, lotus, parsnips, yams, garlic, Jerusalem Artichokes, burdock, daikon, carrots, potatoes, onions, turmeric. Make a big plate of these vegetables, invite friends over to share a meal , offer a bowl of rice and let everyone add the roots of their choice. Have some of these raw and don't overcook them. This is called the Buddha's bowl, because a bowl was all he had, people came and each gave him a piece of their own meal. Drink root tea, ginseng is a excellent winter tea.

As the leaves of the tree, keep your love, your faith and your intentions at your feet with grace and experience the transformation starting today, at the core of your being and at the heart of hunankind.

Happy Solstice!

--Shant Joti.

Shant Joti is a transformational life coach, healer, astrologer and expert in spiritual food and nutrition. If you would like to schedule a life-changing consultation with her, she can be reached at jomarechal@hotmail.com